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Jan 07, 2017
14 days wasted .....
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My background, I struggled about 4 years ago after over extending myself which resulted in many dings on my credit.    The last missed payment was 2 1/2 years ago.    My Fico ranges from the 680's to the low 700's depending on which credit agency you base the score off of.    I have been approved for other peer to peer loans from major companies so i am familar with the process/comcept.    When I applied to Peerform I was quoted a 7.12 apr which is the best I had ever gotten.     My prior best was 10.49 for a 25K plus loan.   The loan with Peerform was for 22K.    The information they ask for is not unreasonable and the website is good.    They were upfront that the loan may not be funded.     What I did not expect was the loan would be zero % funded.    They allow 14 days for the loan to be funded.    Since it was not funded for even a dollar this tells me that they are not properly underwriting there loans and there investors know it.   In other words I was to high a risk for the interest rate they offered me so none of there investtors would fund my loan.    If you can get a loan from them at the interest rates they offered me I am sure you will have a great experience.   For those of us where the loans go unfunded the company is an absolute waste, and in my case I wasted 14 days.

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