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Jul 21, 2017
They will sell your info to scammers.
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I applied for a loan and was rejected. That's not unreasonable as I'm kind of borderline case and usually get accepted by these type of places but at rates higher than my current loans so I keep applying to see if I can get to the point where they'll actually loan to me. I'm not upset by the denial.

However, after the loan is rejected I started getting calls from someone identifying themselves as a partner of Peerform that works with people that couldn't get a regular loan. They tried to hide what they were offering, but they were nothing more than a debt settlement company. They call your lenders and "negotiate" settlements which closes the accounts and wrecks your credit. When I explained how that didn't make any sense for me since I have no problems paying my debt and just am looking to lower interest rates, he began to get very insulting. I applied for a legitimate loan, I am well past the need to deal with bottom dwellers that lie to potential clients, and it makes me think less of Peerform for associating with people like that.

Some may take issues with me referring to debt settlement as a scam. When they are trying to hide what they are doing, it is absolutely a scam. They make money by lying to me about what is going to happen and I am worth off as a result. That's a scam. Definitely makes me think less of peerform. At least other places just push you off on regular high interest loans when they don't want to lend to you.

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