PalmettoCitizens FCU Reviews
May 18, 2016
Weird & outdated practices.

I'm a new customer. I like it so far for the most part. What I don't like is that apparently I have to wait until the credit union opens to receive my direct deposit. I received my pay stub at 8:00 am on pay day. I checked my account to see make sure the money was in my account, it was not so I called the credit union. I was told by their representative that basically someone has to physically be there to put the money in my account. Since they open at 9 am, I have to wait at least an hour after they open for someone to deposit the money in my account. I have never heard of this in all my years of banking. All my coworkers receive their direct deposits the night before or early in the morning. This is such an odd practice. Surely in 2016 a company of this nature would have an automated system that handles their direct deposits? If Palmetto Citizens could fix this issue, they would be one of the top credit unions around in my opinion.

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