Pacific Marine CU Reviews
Nov 14, 2017
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I have been a member for 5 years, only becuase of an auto loan. 

Never get an auto loan through this credit union, especially for new members of the armed forces! They will gouge you with high intrests rates and not allow any refinacing with anything less than 2 years on your contract leaving you stuck with the high intrest rate payments. Costumer service and online bill pay are a joke, I called to pay off my auto loan and they told me they were unable to calculate a 10 day payment, the rep pawned me off to others, telling me to call back tomorrow, and giving me attitutde. Finally asked for a supervisor and she took care of it in 2 minutes along with an ACH Cancellation form. If you are new to the armed forces or espcially the marines, i know they set up an account for you and all but get the hell out as soon as possible. Go to a different bank like chase, they offer so much more, espesially as an active duty member of the armed forces. 

I would never recommend this bank to family or friends. 

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