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Apr 26, 2017
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Originally, I was told that they would only do a "soft credit-check"...and was pre-approved for almost $2000. I then went on line and via their site proceeded to upload all kinds of documents required to complete the loan process. After 3 days of playing phone-tag with a guy named Joshua, I was told that they were having a problem with my 90 plus days of bank account transactions; I sent them evrything I had available!  On the 4th day they send me an e-mail which reads "Adverse action reply", and I'm like really disgruntled because they went and obtained a credit report from the rotten scum-bags at Clarity credit services!!  I am ready to report their lending business ethics to the BBB, and file a complaint with the attorney generals office (if I can figure out which state to submit it in?) . My advise to others using this creditkarma site to get ratings for loan opportunities is to NOT use them; it's a scam so they get paid!!!

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