Old American City Reviews
Jan 28, 2017
Rude, unreliable, unethical

Rude, unreliable, unethical, unprofessional, and not knowledgeable about there job. I got hung up on, I get transferred at least three times when I call. My truck had a small hinder damage and made my door warp, they put I got tboned and won't change it. I also got yelled at by one of the personnel working there. They are not trustworthy and you are never assured of what's going to happen, you have to keep calling and bugging them to get things done. I am also active military and they would not give me a storage discount. I had orders to go somewhere for 7 months and I couldn't take my truck with me. Every other insurance my friends had gave some kind of discount for storing your vehicle because you're in military orders. I've seen a lot of bad reviews and thought maybe they were biased until I had to deal with them myself. Save your time and go somewhere else. 

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