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Dec 02, 2014
Holy Rate Increase, Batman!!
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Just got the bill for my 15 year level term life insurance policy ($300,000) renewal, and my yearly premium went from $261 to $3078.50!!  I get that a new 15 year term would be at a higher rate as I am 15 years older than when I bought the first policy, but >10x higher is INSANE!!  I don't have cancer, run in burning buildings for a living, or skydive while on parole--although they wouldn't know if I did, since this was their automatic renewal rate. Called several other companies for quotes and not one was more than $1000.  Called Ohio National, thinking there must have been some mistake, but no; as the customer rep so helpfully explained, that is what happens when a new 15 year starts (with no apology , embarassment, or explanation as to why it would be >3x higher than any other company I called).  Be forewarned--and call me a FORMER customer.

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