Nordstrom Bank Reviews
Jul 15, 2017
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I honestly didn't think Nordstrom would give me a choice of either the regular Nordstrom card OR the Signature Visa, but they did and I took the Visa.    Starting limit $1k, but from what I am hearing they raise limits on a VERY regular (and frequent) basis.    I live in Seattle and drive up to Vancouver (1 1/2hr drive) VERY often and with NO foreign transaction fee for their Visa, I will use it and drop Chase and all the others with their 2 - 5% "foreign transaction fee" BS!

They pulled Experian and I have a fraud alert on my reports because someone stole my identity I called them at 10PM PDT and approved !!

(EX-647 - Utilization 71%).

Plus customer service reps are extremely friendly.    I thought since TD Bank (Toronto Dominion) bought them I would not have a shot, but their credit dept is still the same in CO.

GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!

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