Nissan Motor Accept Reviews
Sep 14, 2017
I will NEVER buy from Nissan again

I have been making payments on time ever since I bought this car. I NEVER once received a letter that I was late. I called Nissan to ask them why they considered my payments late and why it was reported to as late on my credit when I was not once notified. The first person I spoke with told me that since I asked to be taken off of the "calling list" that means that they would not send me a letter or an email either. Then I was told they didn't have my email which was completely false since I have received emails from them. The first person I spoke with told me that she would take off $100 late charge fees then hung up. I called back to speak with a HORRIBLE, AWFUL and downright RUDE manager who said that all of my notification letters that were informing that I was late were being sent to my BANK?!?!?!?! Really??? That was 100% a lie and what bank would inform you of that? I have made my payment through my bank and have never been told or notified that I was late. I have always paid on time! I asked the 3rd representative to provide me with proof that they sent me notifications and he said that they do not have to technology to do so. That is a straight lie, let's be honest here you NEVER sent me a notification that I was late and you really just wanted to charge a woman $200 extra to put money in your pocket.

A few years back I called Nissan to see how much I had left to pay on my car. The gentleman I spoke with told me that my payments were $280 since I was over paying. I changed my auto payments to $300 per month at that time. I then received phone calls a few months later about 4-5 times a day from Nissan telling me I was late. I made adjustments to my payments immediately to be sure I was on time and kindly asked them to take me off of the calling list. That took 1 year for that to happen, apparently their computer system doesn't work efficiently and my number was in there 8 times in 8 different places.

Needless to say this company is an awful company and is only looking to take your money in every which way possible. When you are looking for help every representative is going to tell you something different and mislead you. If I were you I would NEVER EVER buy a car from Nissan.

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