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Feb 18, 2015
I hope you don't have to contact NYCB
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I don't think I have ever had a worse customer experience than I have with NYCB.  I'm a mortgage customer and I recently switched flood insurance companies for my property.  NYCB paid my previous flood insurance company before I had an opportunity to notify them that I had switched flood insurance companies.  This was not the problem.  The problem was that the previous flood insurance company required a letter or email from NYCB confirming that the flood policy had been received and was adequate before they would issue an $1100 refund.  I've called NYCB 4 times over the past 7 days and each time I have been told that NYCB doesn't create "free form" letters or emails and I would need to speak to a manager to possibly get an approval.  A manager has not been available for 4 out of 4 phone calls.  Nor have I received a call back.  This letter or email would literally take 60 seconds to write and send.  Thanks for the poor service NYCB. 

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