Nationwide Auto Insu Reviews
Jul 12, 2016
Terrible customer service
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Everytime I make a change to my policy, I end up having to make a follow up call that lasts for about an hour while they try to fix everything they broke. This last time, my policy tripled in rate simply because my girlfriend moved into my apartment. It immediately put me on a bad driver policy, removed my clean driving record discount, and shot my rate up to $3600 a year when it was previously around $1000. Mind you, she's been driving for over 10 years and has zero traffic citations or accidents and also has her own insurance policy for her own car. Cannot recommend Nationwide to anyone, I'll also note that their recommended service shops are terrible as well and did a shoddy job of fixing hail and rock damage to my hood. My $100,000 Audi now looks like it was repaired at a high school auto body class, I'm going to go have it repainted elsewhere, probably at my own expense. Worthless insurance.

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