Nationwide Auto Insu Reviews
Jan 18, 2017

Been with them for 2 years with half coverage in an old vehicle before I turned 25. Got into a light accident, they took care of it for the other person, I had no worry. Bought a new "used" vehicle and do a full coverage for this one, premium rate went triple compare to I paid for the old vehicle. I have this rate for 2 more years now. Here comes to bi-annual renewal time, I like doing things online so I can avoid all the phone call and waiting. Used to be able to manage my policy online, it wasn't always smooth though because their website is pretty lagging, but then suddenly I can't even manage or change anything in my policy anymore. 

I called their C.S with intent to negotiate for better pricing because I've been with them for years; secondly, their website issues. The first rep totally ignore my first request and went ahead transfer me to someone else on the technology side. The second rep (tech rep) asked me for my account "Password", that was extrememly weird!!!!! The rep went ahead access to my account and said there was nothing wrong on their side, but I still got problem on my side. I asked what else she can do, she said nothing else she can do besides I have to speak with the phone represenative. So they basically brings me in circle which was pretty much a waste of time. The 2nd rep then went ahead saying a bunch of things I couldn't understand then transfer me AGAIN. Being tired with their poor facility and handling, not to mention the 2nd rep sounded like she was having an attitude, I hung up, went ahead to GEICO website and bought a new policy. At the very least, the technology on the new company was painless, fast and surprisingly cheaper rate.

Even more surprise, when I called Nationwide again to cancel my policy, the new rep went out and beyond her way to get it done with minimal questions asked. Gave detail info how much and when I will receive my refund and very into answering questions. Just if the first reps I spoke to being this way, they still have a customer. It's why they say customer service is the face of the company, especially for such business.

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