Mid America Bank Reviews
May 11, 2017
Good card to start out with
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I got this card while paying off a debt with Jefferson Capital.  My limit is very low, $125, but it has improved my credit.  They no longer do credit increases, that stopped a few years ago so keep that in mind.  I am planning to close this out soon since I now have a Discover It card and a Capital One card with higher limits but every bit does count.  I never had an issue with making any payments and the customer service is good.  The few times I had to call they always resolved my issues.  If you are offered this you should take the offer.  Just make payments on time always.

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May 15, 2017
Do not apply for this scam

I've been waiting on my card for two months to come in the mail after 14 days I called an received a sorry excuse that is has been sent and to give in 3 more day I gave it 7 days I called back and got a sorry excuse it was delivered asked to speak to someone else when my request wasn't met I hung up and called back once I got a Customer Representative I was told it was never sent because the address didn't have an apartment number and they will fix it and sent the card over night I waited a week and called back and was told my address was just updated and the card is going out that day...What a bunch of bull 14 days after that still no card.

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Apr 08, 2017

FOR the paying process is slow but they explain that to you at the beginning  in less than a mounth My credit score wen UP 14 points !!!

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May 18, 2017
Not a good card for paying off quickly
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I pay my balance off every month. Therefore, I expect the card to be available to be quickly. Not with this card.

What they don't like to tell you about this card is that when you do that, they put a hold of four calendar days on the payment. This is even after they show the payment has cleared. I called their customer service centre and they told me there was zero they could do about it.

Next billing cycle, I am closing this out.

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May 24, 2017
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I was approved less than a month after my bankruptcy was discharged. My limit is low ($300) but because it lowered my credit utilization my ck went up 92 points.

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