Mid America Bank Reviews
Feb 15, 2017
Pay debt and build credit.
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I got this card years ago in exchange to pay off a debt. It helped me to rebuild my credit and pay off a debt at the same time. I've kept it but really no longer need it. It did its job. The only reason I'll be closing the account is because they charge a $25 annual fee. It is a basic card with a low limit so there really is no longer a reason for me to keep it. If you need to build credit and pay a debt, I say take the offer.

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Mar 17, 2017
Didnt receive card

Well I applied on 2/27/17 never received my card even when I paid my $89. I have called numerous times and got different answers from customer service. Now they sent out another card, Im just gonna notify my bank to reverse my $89. 

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Mar 15, 2017
Ok card to build credit
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I've had this card for about 9 months then application process was easy. You have to pay $89 to apply and then $125 to activate the card. I pay my card in full every month so I haven't had any issues. If you use their website to make payments and you pay with your debit card the payment clears within 24 hrs if you do it through your bank acct it take up to a week to post. The easiest way for me to make my payments was to do bill pay through my bank it clears as soon as they receive the payment. Only bad thing about the card is that they offer zero benefits at all. I've made all of my payment on time and rarely have a balance and they gave me a $50 CLI after 6 months (capital one gave me $1000) I was going to close it but I was told it would hurt my credit since I've had it for almost a year. 

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Mar 20, 2017
They're fishing for your info

I have a "poor" score and was applying for any good non secured card and this one popped up. I applied (or at least took the steps to apply) but was redirected on the final step to a ad when I pressed submit. The final step is the 8th wonder of the world next to my credit score. I'd suggest avoiding this place since I now get spam emails from all sorts of credit card offers or payday loans. 

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Mar 19, 2017
I feel like this is a scam.
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I applied online and was approved. I never did receive the card. But, they reported to the credit bureaus this account with a balance of the fees they charge. I have yet to receive the card..so it has not been activated yet. I don't think I should have a balance with a payment of 40.00 due yet...... I am disputing this with them and the credit bureau. I do NOT recommend this company. Seems shady.

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