Mid America Bank Reviews
Jan 23, 2017
Great card to rebuild credit.

I applied for this card on July of 2016. Got it in August of 2016. With a 300 credit limit. Had to pay 89 dollars to get activated and as soon as I activated it they charged a 75 dollar annual fee. Have charged the card when I needed to but always paid it off on my due date and left a 15 dollar balance on it. My score was 475 today Jan 23rd 2017 my score is 602. I would definitely recommend this card to someone that is looking to rebuild their credit but as soon as you can get a card with lower interest rates and no annual fee do it. Thats what I plan to do. Good card to rebuild credit. Not to have for a long time.

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Jan 22, 2017
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So i Applied for this card and got approved for a credit limit of 700.00. Still have not payed the Process fee yet, because in thier term of rates. It mentions if approved the credit limit will be 300. So thinking mine is a mistake for 700.00. Even though it is reporting on my transunion of being 700.00. also said 700.00 when i applied after being approved.  Any suggestions if i should proceed with this card.

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Jan 10, 2017
Not worth the price
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Not a good card, i you have very poor credit this card can work for you but...in my case I have decent credit now yet u can't increase your credit line, ever, and extreme interest and fees make this card almost unusable, cancelled my card last month after fighting once again about a third of my credit limit being taken for the annual fee,

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