MCT Fed CU Reviews
Sep 27, 2016
Terrible Customer Service

I have been working with MCT to get a mortgage loan. I have found that the customer service and communcation is highly lacking. I let it slide for quite some time but then I finally made a complaint to upper management. From there things did improve a tad, but it came off as forceable and the lady seemed annoyed that I made a complaint about her. The thing is I made the nicest complaint ever, just questioning if what I was experiencing was the norm. I let them know I am a first time home buyer and oblivious to what the norm is and just wanted to know if lack of communication is the norm. I quickly found out that no it was not. They then started acted like I was more a priority for the next week but soon drifted right back off into their lack of communication. It takes me leaving 2-4 messages before I finally get a reply. They state one thing and do another. I had heard good things about MCT but after using them myself and seeing similar reviews on this page, I have to say, I will NEVER recommend them. I am to the point that I am going to pull my mortgage loan from them, which is ridiculous that I am even considering this at this point, because this has been ongoing for over a month! The sellers of the home I am buying aren't going to just let me keep going past our closing date, which yes MCT has now done twice. :( I am a lost. I am going to lose this home if they don't pull through on this one, and I have no faith in them. Seriously, RUN from this place! 

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