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Jan 24, 2017
Like the other reviews state...
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I have had this card a few weeks now and used it multiple times, talked to a customer service rep just for security reasons due to apple pay but was a very nice gentleman and I could undrstand him unlike most other card companies.Like the others stated, if you want to swing another $500 AF then by all means do the black card. I am currently not traveling by plane due to having an infant at home but, as soon as we are ready I will most likely upgrade to the black card. 

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Jul 27, 2017
Impressive and useful...
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I have a very high limit on this card which makes it usually my "go to" card in my wallet. 

One of the major reasons that I applied for this card was the low interest rate on purchases every month... 15.5%. That's the lowest interest rate credit card that I have in my wallet. My American Express Preferred "clear card"  is a good credit card but the best they will do is 19%. I have always believed that the interest rate was based upon the person's individual credit score.  Personally, I have found that is not the case with most credit cards. Hands down, the "Black Card" makes the best practical choice of credit cards in my wallet.

I really wouldn't recommend applying for this card unless you have a 750 or better credit score. That way you will get a higher credit limit on this card which of course for me is the reason that it is my "go to" card... as I said.

There are a lot of travel benefits that I have enjoyed which of course give you more points to do other things with.

I have found that the my American Express Platinum card offers more benifits... but of course we are jumping to a grand a year and the card and it must be paid off in full every month.  Whereas with my "Black Card", as I have termed the card, you have the flexibility of paying it as you will.   No stress.

There is some enjoyment in pulling out my Black Card, or handing someone this card and watch their sometimes comments or expressions.

The card being made out of steel is not only more prestigious but I found it's easier to slide through the terminal... I live in Mississippi and some businesses haven't upgraded to the slide in the slot yet.

Overall… it's a great credit card to use.

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Sep 05, 2017
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Don't get dupped on this card.  I signed up for it and got it!  I was told there was NO ANNUAL FEE!   WRONG, they LIED TO ME, cancelled the card less than 24 after activating it.

ANNUAL FEE is $ 995/year!   That equals $75/month just to carry it.

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