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Jan 24, 2017
Like the other reviews state...
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I have had this card a few weeks now and used it multiple times, talked to a customer service rep just for security reasons due to apple pay but was a very nice gentleman and I could undrstand him unlike most other card companies.Like the others stated, if you want to swing another $500 AF then by all means do the black card. I am currently not traveling by plane due to having an infant at home but, as soon as we are ready I will most likely upgrade to the black card. 

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Mar 10, 2017
The card grabs a lot of attention

There's a lot of better options out there like the chase sapphire reserve they give a 300 dollars credit toward any travel purchase which is great and you get a point on any other purchase than restaurant you get 3 points  . With the black card you get one point regardless where you spend your buck and you only get 100 dollars worth of travel credit and the annual feel is higher. Looks really good and feels good you'll like all the compliments you get on the black card though.. 

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