Luxury Card Reviews
Jul 18, 2016
Good card
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This card gets a bad rep based on the previous version and the AF. In addition most people compare this card to the Amex Platinum card and to some extent they are correct. The big difference is the fact that this is a credit card and the Amex Platinum is a charge card. That being said, I have both. If you know how to maximize the rewards of this card than the AF is actually worth it. I spend roughly $300k on credit cards per year between my personal expenses and business expenses. I also travel quite a lot. With how I use this card I can justify the AF without any issues.

I have had this card for 6 months now and when I was approved, I was approved for a $10k limit. I believe so far I have put almost $20k through on this card without any issues. If you are someone that does not put but a few charges on this card per month with minimal charge amounts, this card may not be wprth it to you but it is a good card.

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