Luxury Card Reviews
Nov 22, 2016
Great Card
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While I understand the comments others say about this card being a "bad' card or a "useless" card; I feel that they do not truly understand the card for it's worth.  Those that get this card for the material it is made out of or for the fact that it says "BLACK CARD" on it are getting it for the wrong reason(s).  I applied for this card when it was taken over by MasterCard and use it for about 80% of my daily purchases.  The points rack up and the pros do outweigh the cons.  I understand that this card isn't for everyone.  I also understand that the annual fee is very high for a card of it's kind.  However, when using it properly, the card will be worth the annual fee in the long hual.  Aside from this card, I also own the American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige cards.  I am acitve in all three of them and therefore see the positive side of having so many points split between the three cards.  Like I said before; this card isn't meant for everyone.  If you obtain the card for the purpose of looking "cool" than you are not going to like this card after paying the annual fee.  If you get this card because you are good with paying your debts, enjoy the extra attention from a credit card lendor, enjoy the perks of the card (which are not many but they do still count), and can afford and not mind paying the annual fee; than this card will be a good card for your wallet/purse.  The customer service was excellent and the application process was painless.  They started me off with a low credit limit but soon increased it after 6 months of having the card.

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