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Mar 13, 2017
Run-of-the-mill, overall bad experience!

They only go by what the credit bureau presents and do not consider other factors such as verifiable income, number of years with Sunstrust, reliable payment history, and credt history improvements. I am disappointed in this strictly automated process that has no human interface whatsoever. I would not recommend this service to anyone. I am now pulling ALL of my accounts from Suntrust due to this horrible, run-of-the-mill experience!!

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Mar 20, 2017
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They denied my loan, which I thought would happen. No big deal I took a shot they have really low rates and I don't have enough of a credit history to qualify as excellent. However, I became dissatisfied with them when I tried to delete my account and they refused. Apparently their system has restraints which don't allow them to close accounts, ever. Personally I think that's insane. They have your social security number, dob, and address which is more than enough info for one hacker to steal your identity if (in today's world more like when) their system gets hacked. I'm feeling uneasy knowing that a bank who I will actually have conducted no busy with, and will have no contact with from today on, will have my personal information, forever. I don't really understand what they need all my information for either and no one in customer service was able to solve that mystery. I would not recommend applying for a lightstream loan to anyone who is the least bit concerned about their personal information being in the hands of an inept bank.

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