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Sep 07, 2017
Unsecured Used Car Loan
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The entire process was extremely easy and efficient. I really liked the fact that I could get an unsecured loan for my car purchase, and the interest rate is unbeatable. I would highly recommend Lightstream for your auto loan needs. Makes it super easy to go to the dealership as a cash buyer. 

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Nov 22, 2017
Easy, Fast, Great APR
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This is just a review of the loan application process. I applied yesterday afternoon after seeing an offer on freecreditreport. I currently have a $11,000 Lending Club loan with a 24.48% APR (monthly payments of $300/60 months). I had horrible credit and maxed out about 8 credit cards. I used that loan to clean up all my credit cards and my credit shot all the way from poor to excellent in one month. I was able to get a $12,000 Loan with LightStream with a ridiculous 10.84% APR with monthly payments of about $260 for 60 months. I used this to pay off my Lending Club loan and have lower monthly payments.I applied yesterday afternoon and got an email a couple of hours later to call and answer some questions and I did. I got another email shortly after stating I had to upload recent paystubs for verification of income, which I did. A couple of hours after that my loan was approved. I logged in to the LightStream site and I accepted the offer and was able to choose my payment date and when I wanted to funds. I chose to get the funds the next day (today) and it was in my account this morning when I checked. I was also surprised to learn that LightStream didn't take any fees so I applied for a $12,000 loan and I got $12,000 deposited into my account. Lending Club charged me a 5% fee on my loan with them. This is a great option for people with good credit. I am very happy with LightStream so far.

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