Lexus Fin Ser Reviews
Oct 19, 2016
Lexus Financial Services is terrible

I have leased my second car from Lexus and I'm happy with my car and the Lexus dealership was very helpful. But Lexus Financials Services is absolutely terrible. I've had several phone conversations with Lexus Financial Services and they are very rude and not helpful at all. Recently, I have been trying to pay my property taxes on my old car. I called the number that was on the letter I received. They said that they weren't able to take the payment over the phone and that I would have to send them a check or call another department. I have been calling for over a week pretty much every day but no one answers. You'd think that it'd be easier to make a payment. And customer service department does not answer any questions. I had another issue with them which I will not get into here but it was a terrible experience. 

I love Lexus but next time I'm going to lease a car from somewhere else just so I don't have to deal with Lexus Financial Services. 

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