Leominster CU Reviews
May 08, 2013
They have gone downhill

Leominster Credit Union, used to be a great place.  I grew up using them and they helped me build my credit with a secure loan.

Over the years, it is obvious that they have become more greedy, and have lost their personal touch.  I'll say this, visiting TD Bank from time to time with my parents makes me jealous.  As someone mentioned, their customer service is hit or miss, and unfortunately I have not a "hit" in quite some time.

Being a member for 10+ years, I guess I expected more.  My first major problem was with an auto loan.  Quite simply put, even with an amazing credit score (over 700), they were unwilling to help me.  Time was not a luxury, so I moved on.

Lately I have been having an issue with their website.  It takes a VERY long time for changes to reflect.  What happens is, if you make a width drawl, it does not reflect.  Because of this, I have thought several times, that I did not actually make the transfer, and made another, overdrawing my account.  And there it is, giant fees.  $30 seems to be a bit much.  Needless to say, I have lost quite a bit of money over the past few months in error.

While I admit this was my fault, I called to see if there was anything they can do about the fees, and in a rude manor, the service rep told me to keep a checkbook ledger.  Her attitude was very much "well duh, you idiot".  I don't appreciate it, at all.  I keep my finances using my own methods and I rely on website data to be accurate.  It simplifies my life greatly, and I do not appreciate the tone that was taken with me at all.  Who are they to judge?

Needless to say, they were unwilling to help AGAIN.  I'm sorry, as much as this is my fault, this is 2013.  If it takes a week for a banking website to reflect a transaction, what use is it?  I'm done.  Their website is awful, their customer service is awful.  They have fees for everything.  If I wanted bank fees, I would have signed up with a bank.

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