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Nov 28, 2016
Worked for me
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I don't know why it's so hard for people to do some research before just applying for something, and then saying it's a rip-off. Lend up has been great for me.  I take out 350 and I pay back 375. At Pawn America I take out 330 and pay 375. Trust me Lend up is cheaper. Once you get to a certain status you have the option of reporting to your credit.  I did and my score went up.  It's on there every month as paid. I would recommend Lend up to anyone that needs a small loan and can't get any help from the big banks.

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Nov 29, 2016
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The L card is meant to help people like me who is rebuilding their credit. No one would approve me because I had a low credit score. They took a chance on me approved me with no hastle. I truly recommend if you want to make things right. 

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Nov 21, 2016
Application is crap
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Denied because they couldnt verify my identity even though they didnt ask any questions. The company had denied me their loans for the same thing.

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