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Oct 13, 2016
Awful company
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I originally opened an account and applied for a loan about 3 years ago. Today I tried to apply for a very small loan,  I got denied because my bank info on the account is no longer current. There is no option to update any information on there website. So I emailed them. I need to update my bank account, my name, my address, my income, everything. The person emailing me told me I couldn't update any info so I told them to delete my account as it is of no use to me. And of course they can't do either. Pathetic. I am extremely annoyed right now and will not be using them or recommending them to anyone.

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Sep 17, 2016
Easy Online Application/Instant Approval

Card arrived by mail a week after online approval. $60 annual fee. $1000 credit limit. 29.9% interest if you carry a balance. I am grateful for the opportunity to rebuild my credit. It would be nice if they had a mobile app.

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Sep 04, 2016
Approved with a score of 580!

I was approved almost instantly with a score of 580.

I also have student loan defaults on my credit report (but as of last year it's been in good standing).

The line I was offerered was 500, this makes sense since I was just approved for CapOne Quicksilver One as well for a 500 limit and have a CapOne Platinum card with a 2,300 dollar limit.

Their site is easy to navigate, and well designed. It didn't feel at all sketchy or poorly done like some other sites for credit card companies that are designed to help you get your score back up.

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