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Jul 15, 2017
The Truth
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LendUp is one of the best lending companies by far, anyone that bad mouth this company either their not reading the contract before they sign it and or they won't something for nothing #I'mDone

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Jul 18, 2017
Bad card. Bad customer service

Bad card. Annual fee was added 2-3 months after I got the card. Called and was told they never waive annual fee and even if I cancel the card I would still have to pay the fee. Horrible. Company claims to be upfront and no bs card but that's not the case. They are worst then the rest. Most embarrassing card i have. Customer service is very limited hard to talk to a rep. I had to make an online request and wait 2-3 days for a return call. Also customer service said the are not allied to called a card will a balance. I had a few dollars and was told to call back after the balance was paid in full to cancel but would not get back the annual fee. This card is junk. Customer service is junk. Might be ok if you are desperate for credit but people with average or good credit should run from this card. 

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Jun 29, 2017
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Do not get this card they are quick to give it to you then suspend it later pending more information needed. Then you send them the information requested then they keep asking for more. Keep in mind it never reopens. They even ask for driver's license info or even more personal info. I have several credit cards with a score of640 and never once did my cards ask for any personal info. Go to merric bank or credit one they are both awsome cards.

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