Lending Point Reviews
Jul 06, 2017

I applied. I provided everything they asked - however, they keep asking for more and more afterwards. 

1 Paystub wasn't enough - even though the RATE of pay was on there - which if calculated matches the salary provided. 

They requested more paystubs and W2s. They wanted to verify my income (which was verified through literally all my paystubs and W2s).

They told me they just need verification that within the past 6 months to a year, you make over 20k - which is shown. 

But, nope... they needed more information - so they requested my work address, information, my supervisor contact, HR contact from all my jobs I had... seriously - this lender is a huge pain in the butt to deal with.

Not only was I on the phone asking these questions, which were horribly answered - and gave them what they wanted - they keep requesting more and more. A plan that was $250 monthly payment - where they want my life savings, my life's pay stubs and W2 is ridiculous. 

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