Lending Point Reviews
Sep 30, 2017
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I did a blanket application with Credit Karma and LendingPoint was one of the potential lenders willing to work with me and my credit card debt. I initially talked to a loan specialist and learned that Credit Karma did a blanket soft pull application. After learning of the predatory lending limits (24%+) I completely disregarded any communications and emails from the company. I worked and received a loan from another company @8.9% interest rate.

This morning I received an email from LendingPoint saying my loan had been moved to underwriter review. I never asked for this, nor did I want this application to proceed any further. I spoke to the loan specialist for 3 minutes and the only information he received from me was my first and last name.

I haven't seen any hard pulls from this company, but who does this? I do not want your loan and its pretty shady that you move a blanket request for information into a full blown application WITHOUT my consent.

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