Kroger Reviews
Dec 05, 2016
I would give it zero stars. - DONT USE

I got my personalized card in the mail over two weeks ago and still can not use it, because somehow my SS got screwed up. I called customer service (which ALWAYS has "longer wait times that usual" as it says on the site) to straighten out the issue. First, the lady said she's not allowed to take that information... puts me on hold... then says she can take it. After giving her my SS, which I pray I don't live to regret, she says she can not activate my card via the phone. The info on the card and the site both clearly state to CALL or go online to activate. Well, after almost losing my cool, I said okay I'll go to the site.. where surprise, surprise, my info is not updated, thus leaving me unable to access my card and money. This almost sounds like a scam. I would really appreciate some assistance! 

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