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Aug 11, 2016
Terrible Service
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I'm starting with, i bought a motorcycle and on my first payment i couldnt summit the payment online so i called and they charge me $15 each time i called to pay. So i work with my bank and the send them a check for the payoff amount. Two weeks later i called to verify if they had receive the check because i have receive a notification or an email from them. Theres when i found out the the had receive the check but the motorcycle wasn't payoff due to an insurance they put on the motorcycle (without my concern). I asked them why and they said that they didn't had proof of insurance and " they send 3 letters to my address and never got a response" (wish i NEVER receive). So i asked them WHY they didn't email me and  they never respond to that.  So i fax them proof of insurance (whitch i had since the day before i got the bike) and i was notify that i still have to pay $400 extra for the 3 month i had the bike with there insurance because my insurance wasn't full covered. That's the only way they can release the title. And not counting the lady on the other end had an attitud. VERY, VERY  DESAPOINTED OF THE CUSTOMER SERVICE, THERE APP AND THE ONLINE SITE. Will NOT recommended tehm to no one. If you are thinking of doing a loan with them STOP!, turn around and take your hard working money some where else. 

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