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Mar 08, 2017
Poor customer service!
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I had this card for 2 years and it was in good standing with the company, i tried to go in store 2 weeks after i purchsed a new bridal set, to upgrade that bridal set to a bigger size and little did i know they had closed my account! WITHOUT WARNING so not only was it extremely embarrassing to have the purchse declined but I  would have been screwed with having to pay over $3,000 upfront or sent to collections for that if I hadn't gone in to find this out because they didn't call, email, or send a letter in mail informing me of this! I have had a good standing account with an excellent payment history with them over the last 2 years! To blindside a customer like this is very wrong, I don't care if it was in the terms at sign up that they do a credit check every year, i have a credit score that is over the 600 range so really?!?!? I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH KAY OR STERLING JEWELERS AGAIN, which is a shame because I would be spending close to $10,000 with them! 

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