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Jun 22, 2017
Awesome opening credit line!
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So my boyfriend and I went window shopping for an engagement ring because we started talking about marriage and figured I'd point out some rings so he would know what I want when the time comes. First we had gone to Zale's and I pointed out a few rings to him that caught my eye so I figured I'd apply for their card and see what I was approved for. Only 2500, which would make my utilization 100% with the engagement ring I wanted. Told the lady there we would think about it, and then we went over to Kay's and I fell IN LOVE with a $4100 ring, and so the lady asked if we wanted to do a credit app and I was hesitant but she told us she could get a higher credit limit then what I had for Zale's. What do you know she comes back and I got approved for $8100! I was so excited! We ended up buying the ring under a low apr for 36 months with low minimum payments of 130 each month. I'm so excited about my new ring and new card, thank you Kay! My transunion score is 671 and my experian is 688, with a fico of 690. My utilization for my credit cards are around 20% overall and I have 13,400 in available credit before those 2 cards. I only have credit cards and one installment loan, but I have a ton of inquiries from when I just turned 18 and went crazy with applying. But obviously Kay's was kind enough to approve me for such a high credit line! Awesome card!

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