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Sep 14, 2016
Don't DO IT
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Jared has a line in their card holder agreement that states that they can review your credit and reduce or close your account at anytime without notice to you. Let me tell you, they actually do this!

My fiance bought my engagement ring there. We had to have a custom wedding band made, because the ring didn't have a band. Any custom orders require a down payment and they are non-refundable. So, we go to pick my custom ring when it was finally ready (3 days before my wedding). My fiance checked his Jared account before we left the house to double check everything, there was more than enough credit on it. We drive an hour and forty-five minutes to get to Jared - the sales rep was literally in the middle of the transaction when the phone rings and she hangs up and tells us that was the credit department calling to say they reviewed my fiances credit while she was doing the transaction and lowered his credit line by $2,000!!!!!!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRANSACTION AT 7PM!!! Well, as you can imagine, we are getting married, have a baby on the way, and are relocating in 2 weeks for a job out of state. Did we have the money on us to pay it? Yes. Unfortunately we needed that money for everything else. We waited (I'm 6 months pregnant) until 8:45 that night just for them to tell us there was nothing they could do. The lady in the store said this was the 3rd time recently that it's happened to her! I had to walk out of there without my ring. The wedding is now postponed.

I have had various lines of credit my whole life. I've NEVER heard of a place doing this. And, in the middle of a transaction??!!! The worst part is the lady in the store went back and checked my fiance's payment history, everything was great, he hasn't opened any new lines of credit or anything, in fact we are getting things paid off.

It was the worst experience with a retailer that I've ever had!

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