Jared Reviews
May 04, 2017

I was told I was applying for financing. I specifically asked if it was a credit card, and said I didn't want one. Turns out, they opened a credit card in my name and it only works at Jared! I'm furious!

I tried customer service... here's the conversation:

 10:23:28 AM : System: Breana has joined this session!

 10:23:28 AM : System: Hello, my name is Breana. How may I help you?

 10:23:48 AM : Me: I told someone I specifically did not want a credit card, that I only wanted to see what I could qualify for the 12 month no interest financing...

 10:23:56 AM : Me: And I just got an email stating I am a new credit card holder

 10:23:59 AM : Me: I don't want it

 10:24:02 AM : Me: What do I do?

 10:25:34 AM : Breana: The 12 month interest free financing is only offered on our credit accounts. For purchases that are $1000.00 or more with a 20% down payment. I do apologize for any inconvenience; you can close the account at any time.

 10:25:48 AM : Heather: Yeah and hurt my credit

 10:26:07 AM : Me: This is upsetting! I specifically said I did not want a credit card!

 10:28:11 AM : Breana: We do not have any annual fees or fees if you do not use the account. It can remain at a 0 balance for 2 years and it will go inactive by itself. I do apologize; for any inconvenience. It should have been explained thoroughly. You would have had to sign an application which states it is a credit account. The financing options you wanted to see if you can be approved for are only offered on a credit account which would be financing the merchandise.

 10:29:21 AM : Me: Having an account close, is going to hurt my credit....

 10:29:34 AM : Me: Is this a card that only works at Jared?

 10:30:52 AM : Breana: The card is only for Jared locations. As I informed, if you decide not to close it, it will still go inactive after 2 years of no activity. I am aware that anytime you open or close an account it will effect your credit.

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