Infinity Property Reviews
Oct 13, 2017
horrible auto insurance company

I had this insurance for years, my son turned 16 and received his permit. I called to get quote and they wanted to charge me 600 plus more a month. Of course I did what any other sane person would do, called around and realized the known"real" insurance companies aren't more expensive. I switched to Prgoressive with my teen added as a driver and 3rd full coverage car and still pay less than I did with Infinity! After a month, they sent me a bill stating that I need to send proof that I have another insurance. I did and then another month goes by and then a collection letter in the mail. I am beyond furious and as we are trying to purchase a new home, I just paid it instead of fighting with him. I don't need this on our beware!!! They will file collection once you cancel them!!!

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