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Jan 17, 2017
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I have a police which expires this month on 1/19/17. They sent me paperwork to add my cousin as an excluded driver (which I never received). I actually moved and updated my address. I do everything online, and they always send me everything via email, but this time they didn't. They said that they wouldn't renew my policy because they didn't get the documents in time. I had two vehicles on the policy, a new one and a 1999 Honda civic. Never got into any accidents and had them since 2013. To find out, they didn't want to cover my Honda because it's older than 15yrs old, so they found a way to not renew the policy and said I'd have to get a whole new policy. The new policy was $222 down payment and $220 a month. The old policy was $162 a month. I have a clean driving record, no accidents, no tickets. Don't go to these crooks. I'm going to take it as far as the better business bureau (BBB) for the fact that I hate when companies cheat people. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!

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