Infiniti Fin Ser Reviews
Dec 12, 2016
False additional charges


As noted in multiple reviews, they will take money from you in every way possible.

After being a loyal leasing customer for almost 7 years, I returned my second leased Infiniti FX35/37.

At the time of leasing I pre-paid for any minor damages, scratches, small dings, etc.  

When I turned the vehicle in I was told everything was good.  BUT, approximately 4 months later I received a phone call from a debt collector saying I owed Infiniti additional money to cover minor scratches and dings.  

I attempted to resolve this with the dealership who said it outside their responsibility.  I attempted to resolve this with Infiniti leasing who said that I needed to work with the dealership.  

After many months of back and forth and risk to my credit rating - I gave up and just paid.  

Thank you Infiniti - Merry Christmas to you...I hope this small bill you overcharged me was worth losing a customer for life and the negative reviews I will give to everyone I meet.

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