Horace Mann Reviews
Nov 01, 2016

Today I received a letter informing me that my Horace Mann policy was denied for renewal. I was so excited about having an auto policy that was geared towards benefiting workers in the field of education, as we are limited in so many other financial aspects. Of course I called immediately to inquire why they would cancel me so definitively. It's seemed unfair. The rep I spoke with was very polite. She explained that I wa being dropped via the underwriter's determination, because they'd had to pay for a couple of parking fender benders and getting my keys our of my locked car twice. I'm not suggesting I didn't goof on those mistakes. I'm being a lot more careful these days, but I thought those were services I was paying to have covered. I didn't know I would be given the proverbial boot for using them. We were also lead to believe we had full coverage on a second vehicle, but when my husband requested lockout service for himself, we were told it was not part of our coverage for his vehicle, which was on a separate policy, and it would cost $75. Such an utter dissapointment!

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