Grange Mutual Casual Reviews
Nov 10, 2016
Misguiding and worst service ever!
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Credit Karma is trying to be nice not giving me an option of a half star or no stars at all but that is seriously what I want this insurance company. Let me tell you about this insurance company. I was hit by another car driven by a drunk driver. My car got a big dent on drivers side door. My car was sitting outside my house and It was parked perfectly. Long story short, I was not at all in the fault from anywhere. I started following up with this insurance via an agent (I badly want to tell that claim settlers name but I dont want to be a reason to lose someone's job). They told me that car and insurance was on someone else's name(apparently that someone else is driver's grandmother, as I have heard from the cops) and they told me that need some time to investigate into this situation. I said okay as long as I am getting my car fixed. 

It is been 2 months now and I have not heard a single word from the company. Everytime, I have to call them BEGGING to repair my car. They would be all polite with me and misguide me that claim is with department above us and you should hear from them within 72 hours. Everytime I called them, I have been misguided. By the way, my car is still not repaired and I have still not heard from this company.

On the top of it, claim settler is rarely available to talk on phone. I am talking with her voicemail requesting a return call but rarely got that too.

Seriously, save some stress and your hard earned bucks and stay away from this company.

We got much better options out their.

God (and ofcourse this geniuses know) when will I get my car fixed!

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