Geico Reviews
Mar 14, 2017

After being insured by the company for over 5 years and having my business and other aspects of my life insured by the company with no issues, I am dishearted to say I will be looking for other forms of insurance. After being todl I had to combine my insurance with my fiance, they incorrectly entered my information in the system and misinformed the DMV so my plates were taken by a police officer and I have to pay for a 30 day permit. I feel, as this is a mistake on the part of the company, they shoudl take care of this amount due and/or reinburse me. Upon speaking to 2 seperate representatives and one apologetic but unwilling to assist supervisor I was left without answers to why I am being made to pay this amount and a bill. As it seems, they take less pride in keeping the loyal customers they have and more in protecting their employees, I will look into other companies who are willing to correct their mistakes and keep loyal customers.

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