Geico Reviews
May 18, 2017
Geico sucks

I am a current costumer of Geico ( looking for a new company ) and let me say not only do the rip people off but they are very rude. On May 3rd 2017 I had a tree fall on my vehicle during a bad storm and total it out. I called that night and made a claim. I was told the tree had to off my vehicle before anyone got to my house to inspect my vehicle. So me my husband and neighbor along with some family members worked all day on the 4th cutting to tree and moving it. The adjuster comes out ( i wasnt home and didnt know he was coming ) the friday to look at my vehicle then sends a tow truck that night to pick it up and tells me he can't give me a settlement amount until he got the mileage. So he calls me with the amount Monday leaves a message telling me the amount and it's lower the blue book. I call claims dept to find out why and how they got the number and was told my carpet and seats were wet and they took that off of the value and I had a busted out window and my windshield was busted to and they took from the value. I told the women I 40,000 pound tree fell on my vehicle and caused that damage and it rained another 6 to 7 hours after the tree fell and busted out the window I was then told I should have went out in the middle of this storm mind you so bad that the power company had to replace transformers that were fried from lightening and moved the tree off my vehicle and covered the windows with a tarp to prevent further damage. I have full coverage and they should have paid me for my vehicle but instead over a week and a half they told me how dents and dings shattered windows and leaks under my hood all caused from the tree falling on it was all stuff they were taking off towards the value. I also went to the tow yard to take pictures of stuff they said my vehicle didn't have like air bags just to name 1 and was to geico has informed them I couldn't see my vehicle without there permission.... wth this is still my vehicle geico doesn't own it or have any say so over it. Word of advice never go with them unless you know you will never have to make a claim. This was my first one I have ever had to make and I was weather related and still got treated like a piece of trash.

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