Geico Reviews
Oct 27, 2016
Worst company! All the employees lie

Honestly screw Geico. If you dont have them please dont ever get them as an insurance company!

So I called to update my policy. Well they said I had to pay a 500 payment and the next payments would all be 197. This was the only way to keep my policy effective. I said ok. I asked if it was possible to change my date. They said it would be fine and to just call later to change it. So I confirmed that it would be 197 on the 27th and just the 500 for the first payment and Im good. Ok so today I had $82 taken from my account by Geico. I called them and the rep saw it on his side as well and said oh the $82 will probably just be deducted next month because the computer recognizes it as a non payment cause of your date change. Ok no.. I want my money I just gave you 500. Then they 3 way my bank (not necessary) just to make sure (hello you saw on your computer too). My bank confirms the amount was taken. So he says I will be refunded and everything is fine. Ok great. But I just want to double verify again... so next month will be my $197? He tells me no because that 82 has to go somewhere so I'll be charged next month for it. But why? So he tried to get away with not telling me I was gonna be charged again and in the beginning acted like it was a mistake that would be deducted.
Well I just "changed" my policy to a whole new one then changed my date.
What do you mean, I just updated it. Welp no, the last employee also lied and tricked me. Before I was on a pay as you go and they made me pay extra up front in case I am short one month. Something they did not make me aware of. They said this is what I HAD to pay. Not that it was an option!
So Im arguing with this guy for 30min. Hes already said so many contradicting things. Then I speak with a manager. She wont let me talk to anyone higher up or give me contact info. She said because I asked for a new date they made me a whole new policy and that I had to pay extra. Ive been double confirming with all the employees. Not once did someone say I would have to pay in order to change my date. So now they forced me to pay more money up front and are forcing me to pay the 82. All because their employees didnt explain my options and when I asked my options they told me that I had to pay more and also changing my date would be fine and I would pay my normal bill.

GEICO is sooo shady. Ive had so many employees lie to me. if we file a case against them better believe it will turn into a million dollar one. Because everyone they have taken advantage of will get a check. Feel free to share. I do NOT trust this company at all now!

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