GE Capital Reviews
Feb 20, 2017

I applied for this card and was instantly approved. I only applied for the card for EMERGENCIES like most people do when getting credit cards. Well, i had to buy a $300 car seat and was told at the check out counter that my card was shut off because i hadn't used it in 30 days. WHAT!?!? I don't just swipe credit cards for no reason! That would have been extremely useful information to have when i activated the stupid card! I am absolutely LIVID and Babies "R" Us has officially lost my business. That is absolutely ridiculous. And while the Toys/Babies "R" Us customer service was very nice, the credit card company was rude and only offered me, "Sorry for the inconvenience" about 30 times every time i asked a question.

So i applied for another card. I expected instant approval like last time, and like ALL of my cards, but got a "pending" instead. I called in to ask about this, and she said i was denied and wouldn't tell me why, just that i have a letter coming in 7 to 10 business days. This makes no sense. I do not miss payments on my bills or cards, i have a high credit score and i make an average yearly salary.

This is ridiculous and NO ONE wants to help me understand WHY this happened. So, again, I'm done with the company.

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