GE Capital Reviews
Aug 14, 2017
Worst card to have - DO NOT GET

Worst line of credit to obtain.  All it will do is cause frustration.  I find it absolutely absurd that they can freeze a card and not allow any new charges to post if you are not even 15 days PAST THE DUE DATE.  Is this even legal? How can they freeze a card and demand payment when the account isn’t even a month past due?  It is ridiculous that they can do this and then say that the only way to “reactivate” the card is to make a payment.  This card has been nothing but a nuisance since I opened it.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE to get this card, there are MANY MANY other options out there and they do not do this.  The card isn’t even worth the discount at babies r us or toys r us, half the time you can’t use any of the discounts or coupons for purchases anyways.  All it is good for is the points, and at the end of the day its not even worth it because there are better cards with better rewards.

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