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Jul 22, 2015
Arrogant, condescending staff
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I contacted FCU about potentially re-financing an auto loan that I'd taken out before I began my credit repair project.  I applied when my CK score was 651 and my purchased access to my TU score was 640.  FCU told me that I was at 604.  OK...I'm not going to argue due to the difference in systems, etc.  The officer that contacted me said she'd approve it if we paid an additional ~$1000.  I indicated that it wasn't that important to me (it wasn't) to change the loan at that time and wasn't willing to pay the additional amount at that time.  I further indicated that, as it had been 18 months since I'd purchased the car, I had that length of time of on-time payments, and we had another year old auto loan also always on time, that additional "down payment" was not necessary.  The loan officer relented and approved the loan.  The rate was OK, but no better than that.  I went ahead and signed the papers.  

Not long after (a matter of weeks), my car developed some concerns that prompted me to want to consder trading it in.  I contacted FCU to discuss my options, as I'd already spoken with a couple of dealerships and had approval from at least 2 other auto credit departments.  I began the conversation in the mode of a friendly chat.  Unfortunately, that was not reciprocated.  The loan officer that I encountered at that point, proceeded to explain to me, in language appropriate for an angry toddler, what my obligation to them would be in the event of a trade it.  I'm not a kid 45+, have done this countless times before, and do not appear to be an ignorant child.  She became even more condescending when she began discussing my credit score--based upon that initial application, not current (which I had checked hours before talking with her).  Once it became apparent to her that I was practiced at discussing and dealing with credit issues, she became a bit nicer and tried to make up for her earlier attitude, but by then, I'd decided to take my business elsewhere. That's very unfortunate business....I've raised my credit score 100 pts in a few months and it's only going up.  Our financial situation is tremendously changed and we are now in a position to purchase saving and investment products.  FCU will not be the receipient of any of that business. 

FCU might try to sell themselves to the community as a friendly, understanding place, but that was not my experience.  Though I already have an auto loan with them, I was talked to as if I didn't belong in the branch, didn't deserve their attention, and would receive no services from them.  

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