First Nat. Bank (SD) Reviews
Apr 18, 2016
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This card is a decent card to help rebuild credit. I am in the process of cleaning up and rebuilding my credit. I recieved an offer for this card and after reading the terms, I accepted the card. I was not immediately approved, I had to mail in proof of identity. Once that was received and verified I received the card about 2 weeks later. I was approved initially for $350, and that was reduced by the $75 annual fee. I paid that immediately and as a practice with all of my cards, i do not charge more than I can repay on or before the due date. So the interest rate really does not matter to me. Customer service is good, I have not called them much, but when I did call to inquire about things such as how they issue credit limit increases, and what the time frames are. I was given very straight forward and clear answers. If you use these cards strictly as building steps for better credit they will benefit you. 

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