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Jul 21, 2017
Absolutely Terrible!
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My husband and I have great credit, never had any issues getting anything really. Wanted to save some additional money so we decided to refinance my husban's truck. Went through the entire process and was told we were approved and that we would be receiving an email with our loan documents. I waited for over 3 hours and when I didn't receive the email still I called. I was told our application had been denied because we had two open auto loans. I couldn't get them to reason how that was even a reason to deny our application. I kept telling them we were replacing ONE payment, it wasn't like we were going to have THREE car payments. Anyways, it did absolutely no good - it was like talking to brick walls. Even one of the manager tried telling me that "no bank will give credit when there's two open auto loans". Ummm... ok!! I highly recommend giving your business to someone else. 

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