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Aug 17, 2017
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THIS COMPANY SUCKS! I wan injured at work and out of work for a year and a half. I was on workmans comp and not getting a full paycheck. I was making payments on this accout, but not the entire amount. when I called I was told that I was ok and not in reposession status as long as I was payin something on the car. I kept paying what I could until I went back to work. When I get back to work and getting full paychecks I called FI to ask where I stood as far as payments and amount owed statuses were. I was told that since I only paid some of the payments I was never caught up so all the payments I made went to interest! I OWED THE SAME AMOUNT AS THE LOAN WHEN I FIRST GOT THE **** CAR! So I am paying for a **** car that is not worth what I owe. They better hope I don't come into any money because I will park this car at Walmart and tell them where it is, right after I go out and purchase a brand new Camry, for lower than what I owe these *******s. Not to mention, they are super rude on the phone, and talk mad trash to you because they know you need your car..............NEVER, EVER AGAIN WITH FIRST INVESTORS!

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