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May 21, 2017
Rebuilds your credit slowly
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I have had this card since April 2015. My credit was very poor and I started with the $300 deposit. My deposit/ limit is now close to $1000 and they are faithful reporters of the increases. 
Pay with their "fast pay" website (I made that name up) and payments are posted within 1 buisness day and there is no fee. 

Use this card faithfully and then pay it off monthly, completely and early or on time! 

They have recently chagned the name to Berkshire Bank but other than that I have not seen any changes. 

Yes- the interest can be high and you have an annual fee. 

That's because this is for people that have made credit mistakes. 

Pay for the mistakes and re-build with this card- you will not regret it. 

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Oct 03, 2016
Treats clients as ignorant.
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As this is my first credit card, I keep a very close eye on all my transactions. When I did not recognize a couple transactions, I called to explain my fear that my card had been compromised. Instead of the woman easing my fear, or even understanding where I was coming from, she shoved my concerns away. She responded to my concerns with patronizing remarks and treated me as though I was an ignorant five year old. I am not happy.

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