First Choice Bank Reviews
Mar 19, 2017
Not the greatest
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I've had this card for a few years now- with two separate sites for checking your account history/transactions and making online payments, it gets a little confusing and becomes a hassel every month. Customer service has been unhelpful and unfriendly and the yearly fee is completely outrageous. I would close this card today if it wouldn't affect my credit score. If you're looking for a good, RELIABLE, easy to use secured card (and one that will increase your limit WITHOUT you depositing more money) go with CapitalOne- in addition to being easy to use, the card comes with plenty of benefits including free credit score tracking etc. FirstChoice/Primor/Berkshire is the WORST. 

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Oct 03, 2016
Treats clients as ignorant.
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As this is my first credit card, I keep a very close eye on all my transactions. When I did not recognize a couple transactions, I called to explain my fear that my card had been compromised. Instead of the woman easing my fear, or even understanding where I was coming from, she shoved my concerns away. She responded to my concerns with patronizing remarks and treated me as though I was an ignorant five year old. I am not happy.

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