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Aug 25, 2016
Not bad but $49 annual fee eeeeew!!!
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This is not a bad card for rebuilding credit. It is not with any of the big banks so the structure for normal activity i.e bill pay can be a little tricky just go to the link at the bottom to make the payment and you will be fine. I applied for the card back in Dec 15 with $300 with a high 500 TU the good thing about thios card though is they DO NOT CHECK CREDIT!! If you have $100 after al your bills are paid you are approved and there is no hard inquiry. I love the fact that the intrest rate is only 9.99% the best intrest rate of ANY secured card however as I became for familiar with the credit game I cancelled the card. I now have a cap 1 qs 1 $500cl limit cap 1 platinum $500cl AMEX everyday blue cash $1200cl FNBOmaha Plat Visa $1500 and a AMEX everday $5000cl. I have cancelled the card just recently now watiing on the $500 they owe me. I recommend this card to build credit and remeber to pay that balance to below 20% around the statement cut date.

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Oct 03, 2016
Treats clients as ignorant.
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As this is my first credit card, I keep a very close eye on all my transactions. When I did not recognize a couple transactions, I called to explain my fear that my card had been compromised. Instead of the woman easing my fear, or even understanding where I was coming from, she shoved my concerns away. She responded to my concerns with patronizing remarks and treated me as though I was an ignorant five year old. I am not happy.

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