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Oct 08, 2016
My Go-To Card
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I applied to this card with some doubt to getting approved for the card due to Elan Financial's reputation for strict approval. While I had a credit score of 740, 1.5 years of average credit history, I was ultimately approved for a $5,000 credit limit after speaking with their customer service represenatives on the phone. With my checking account being the Fidelity's Cash Management Account and my Roth IRA and Brokerage account with Fidelity, this card works perfectly with my life. This is my go-to everyday card. 2% cash back on everything, no limits, with Visa Signature perks, linked with my Fidelity accounts. 

Only complaint is Elan Financial's website/app is not on par with companies such as Discover and Chase. Fidelity's card interface is much more intuitive.

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