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Jun 14, 2017
Being driven away from card I would like
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I want to like this card, I really do. 2% is generous with the limit it offers, I can use it anywhere without issue, and I have never had trouble redeeming rewards for cash. But those are the ONLY positives I can think of about this card.

The website is the WORST credit card website I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. My credit union credit card, which has a few hundred users, has a better website. Just horrible. Everything about it: logging in is burdensome, how you have to click through an extra screen to navigate anywhere, how once a payment has posted you can see no details of it, how there is no search functionalilty at all for transactions, how customer service cannot even look up web transaction details, and on and on. Customer service is also slow due to long wait times and unhelpful, frequently, when you talk to them. Oh, and if fraud is detected on your account, you are just locked out of your online account without explanation and have to call customer service to unlock you when having a two-factor "unlock" functionality on the website with a mobile device would be faster and more pleasant.. Recently, I have encountered payment issues (payments never sent but registered as such) which I am certain are Fidelity's fault.

Until Fidelity redesigns their website, I can't recommend this card. I love the generosity of the rewards, but everything else about it is either very mediocre or absolutely horrible. Not worth the heartache. The moment I find a better card, I'm going to just let it sit unused.

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