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May 23, 2016
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“Smarter Mortgages” does not live up to it’s name. I have purchased and refinanced several properties in my adult life, and although it’s always an annoying process (post 2008) this was one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had to date. In spite of supplying all of the relevant documents in  a timely manner, sometimes within minutes of their requests even when they were requests for information that I had already supplied, they were not able to close the loan until the very last day of my lock period. When I explained that my wife and I would not be able to accommodate that date (we are both working physicians), and asked them why they would wait until the very last day to complete this process, Jeanne, one of the many women supposedly working on our loan,  pointed fingers and made excuses.  The employees that I dealt with seemed poorly trained, sloppy and required frequent redirection. Overall a very poor experience from a customer service standpoint and the process was markedly more onerous than it needed to be. After all is said and done, I could not recommend this company and if given the opportunity, would not use them again. 

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