Family Trust FCU Reviews
Jul 08, 2016
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I have been a member since I opened my first account as a child. And I have always loved banking there. UNTIL the past few years...ever since they started really growing and opening more locations, they have changed some of their policies, the service is not as great, and I honestly feel like some of those policies are the reason they have grown so fast. They are taking money from their members they shouldn't be taking. They charge $32 for every item you over draw on your account. It s a no bounce policy which is really nice overall. BUT it steals money that it shouldn't get also. I once made a $7 mistake. That $7 that wasn't in my account, ended up costing me well over $200 in just fees. B/c instead of clearing what I did have money in my account for, they charged me a fee for every single item. So while I should have just owed them $32 for covering my mistake, they use their policy to charge me for every item, thus making them more money. And when I complained about it, I was told I should be more responisble with my card.  Everyone makes mistakes occasionally. I don't think they should profit from it so greatly. If they had let what I spent clear, only $7 would not have been covered. And then I should have been charged $32 for that item alone.  

 As unhappy as I am about this, every bank will screw its members over in some way. So really I guess Family Trust isn't as bad as some out there. _ A Longterm, yet unhappy, member. 

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