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Nov 14, 2017
What with the late payment scam?
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For some reason my banks bill pay system says it will take 4 days to deliver so on the 4th I tell my bank's bill pay to to get them a payment before the 10th. My bank says they dropped it in the mail on the 6th. They say it should have been delivered on the 10th. On the 14th Ollo claims they still haven't recieved payment that also happen to be the day the payment is due. I pay all my bills with my banks bill pay online. ALL OF THE PEOPLE I PAY BILLS TO, and I do mean ALL of them, recieve their payments when my bank has calculated they would by whatever processes they use to determine when they'll recieved them. Since only ONE claims to not be getting their payments and try to charge me late fees, I tend to think this single credit card company is a little crooked and leaves my payments unopened waiting to be processed until they are able to administer a late fee onto the account. Whenever time frame you use to pay other people in your life before a bill's due date, add 2 weeks more to these scam artists.

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Oct 07, 2017
Good Unsecured Builder card
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I applied for this card, and was approved immediately. The company is Mid America Bank and Trust, apparently it’s a newcomer credit card company looking for those folks with less than stellar credit history. Interest is astronomically high, as expected, so with smart utilization I hope to use this card as a steppingstone to a better card. My info: TU 629, EQ632, EX 636. CL of 500$, 1 lien from 7yrs ago, aside from that my credit mix is good, utilization is always well below 20%. Hope this helps some.  

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