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Jul 19, 2017
Exeter Finance is one of the worst compa
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Exeter Finance is one of the worst companies that you could ever get a loan through! they always seem to have "miscellaneous fees "or "late fees" that you never really in truly have on your account but this the way they make money off of their customers!! I have recorded plenty of conversations with managers as well as Representatives just like they have recorded my conversations for quality assurance and purposes. It makes no sense to me why I continuously have fees after fees of miscellaneous or quote on quote late fees that I never had before, that keeps accumulating to the exact amount of my car note! I have paid off and spoke with managers on top of managers as to why this keeps occurring I have spoken with lawyers about this company and there has never been any good reviews. Someone really needs to put a stop to these person(s) in charge that's taking consumers money and calling it "late fees" are "miscellaneous fees"!! I have been calculating since day one and the amount that has gone from small to great. I'm quite sure others customers are experiencing this exact same problem, but not sure what to do I'm speaking out! Enough is enough this makes no sense what so ever!! instead of trying to get over on someone be honest in your company, AND YOUR will prosper. when you're dishonest your company will fail without a doubt. You will be hearing from my lawyer. Whoever is in charge and allowing these individuals to get over on innocent hard-working individuals should be ashamed of yourself. Account should always be monitored on what's really going on not Fabricated. Enough is enough you would not want it done to you! I am not an angry or upset or mad individual. I'm a real individual hardworking person and I'm tired of being pushed over and gotten over by companies that does not care. but to make a dollar somehow someway. Hire that happened train and know what they're doing with others finances!

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