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Esurance was great at signing us up. But, a nightmare from the beginning to the end after that. We went back to our old insurance company after less than a month with Esurance. Esurance mislead us about the way things would transfer from our old company to theirs,  (which costs us hundreds of dollars!), they continuously sent us the same identical, useless, redundant paperwork day after day (literally, the same 3 sheets of paper every single business day that we were covered!), despite repeated phone calls to get it to stop. Then they made a ridiculous determination that, after all that hassle, they sent us a generic email saying that they wouldn't cover us unless we bought a new roof first!! Crazy! Our roof is perfectly fine and we have no plans to replace it.

We went running back to our old company, realizing that saving a few bucks on home and auto insurance is NOT worth the HOURS spent on the phone with Esurance over the course of one month. It's the worst company we've ever dealt with. Big Mistake!

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