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Sep 15, 2016
Bait and switch. Do not buy.
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Bait and switch tactics. Got a great rate my first year, and each auto-renewal my rate mysteriously went up. I called to complain after my rate increased 20% over the previous 6 month period. I asked to cancel and was told I would be hit with cancellation fees (what??). So I stuck it out.

I bought a new car and transferred the insurance to the new vehicle and got a quote of ~$2,000/year for the new vehicle.  A month later they went to auto-renew and the cost had gone up 50% to $3,000/year! I'm 35 with a perfect driving record trying to insure a new Honda Civic. That's ridiculous. I called a competitor (Amica) and got a price of $1,200/yr. I promptly cancelled ESurance.

But wait, there's more.

After I called and cancelled ESurance, I got two e-mails: one saying my insurance was cancelled and another one 6 hours later telling me they were going to bill be ~$1000 auto-renewal. So then I had to call AGAIN to cancel it AGAIN. But why did the price go back down? It's clear they're playing with the numbers and just getting what they can out of auto-renewals. 

Shady business practices. STAY AWAY!

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