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I went online for Florida auto insurance, because i was moving from CT to Florida, and was impressed with the quick response from Esurance with a quote that compared favorably with other auto insurers and even mirrored the Allstate coverage I had in CT.

Then I moved to Florida.  The Esurance confusion then started.  I got an email notice asserting that some other gentleman was at my new address.  Apparently, this was someone I should have included on my proposed FL auto insurance.  Furthermore, the email informed me, my address could not be verified.   I guess that meant my new address in FL where this hombre entilted to be on the new policy lived.

With the stress of moving all my belongings from CT to FL, I did not need this additional stress to obtain auto insurance coverage.   Since I quickly learnt that I could continue with the Allstate coverage I had, possibly renewing for many more months, I promptly notified Esurance that my Allstate auto polcy was still in effect and I needed a refund for the proposed Esurance coverage that they were threatening to cancel for lack of verification.

I was asked to verify that the old Allstate policy was still in effect for the current period.   Upon this verification, Esurance informed me that they could issue only a partial refund.   For a full refund, I needed to verify that a policy was in place for the next period, not just the current period.  I provided that verification, with appropriate protest.   Then I was eventually issued the remaining portion of the refund I had requested.

I don't know if the cofusion was in the underwriting process, the customer service or a lack of coordination between customer service and underwriting.  But this experience shook my confidence in this insurer and whatever product they might be offering.

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