Esurance Reviews
Dec 03, 2016
Unethical, overcharging

This company has so thoroughly disappointed me. I just bought a new car, and was quoted at $271 dollars a month including my old car which was just liability. This seemed really high to me considering I haven't had any accidents in years, and my last at fault accident was in 2007. I have a four year degree. I am a management professional and have no mortgage or rent. I went to geico and progressive and they quoted me $115 and $150 for lower deductibles and better coverage. I called esurance to find out if they made a mistake or had any explanation and all I received was a smug "you got some great prices, we can help you cancel". So basically you're ok with overcharging your customers dramatically. Your company is unethical and preying on people. FYI veterans, they don't offer any military discount. Take your business elsewhere people.

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