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Mar 30, 2016
Not worth the effort even for a quote.
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I'm a 20 year old Male with an Audi sports car (2009), Sr-22, with 3 moving violations in the last 2 years, and no insurance claims ever. They filed sr-22 eletronicly, But refused to send me my Finachial Responseiblty form (In Iowa it is required to be carried with you if you have SR-22). After 4 calls (One call being my local Adminstraition office on my behalf with me there) They still refused to send it to me, So I had to have a copy made when my local DMV recieved it from the state. Currently Gico rate for me is less than half of what Esurance is. I fully understand that I'm a young male driver with a bad driving record (But no claims) in a car that will be expensive to insure, But they're rate is absurd. Between the rate and the horrible customer servise, Along with refusing to send me MY OWN documents, I will be leaving this comany within the month. I would stay away from them at all cost.

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