Esurance Reviews
Not worth the aggravation.

I have had Esurance on my current vehicle for about a year.  I also utilized Esurance on a previous vehicle for several years.  While they were decent years ago, the prices being quite reasonable, that has all gone out the window the past two years.  Every time they wish to renew my policy it has gone up by at least twenty five percent (each time).  I'll call and ask why, they'll say "just because", I"ll complain, they'll go back to a reasonable amount, I'll accept and use it for the next term, they'll want to renew and the process just keeps going like that.  While I have continued to use them even after this aggravation begun, having been caught in the "comfort" zone of knowing what to expect, I have finally had enough and just cancelled the renewal.  I do not yet have another insurance provider, but I've still got time.  For your own peace of mind stay away from Esurance at all costs.  

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