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Dec 23, 2016
Unrealistic Rental Car Coverage Policies
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I have rental car insurance coverage. When I filed a claim I expeditiously had the claim processed and had my car at the service center same day as the accident happened.  I have messages from the car service place indicating that my car would be available for pickup on 12/8 and then updated to say wouldn't be available for pick up until 12/9.  I received the call mid day. I work 35 miles from where my car was being serviced and get off of work an hour after the service center closed.  The service center is closed on Sat and Sun therefore, I made arrangements to have my car picked up at 7:30 a.m. first thing on Monday morning.  Now I'm being charged for the rental car coverage of $89.99.  That's absurd.  Multiple calls have been made with no documentation noted to the file and escalation has resulted in wait times, no resolution.  I'm disputing the amount on my credit card and changing insurance ASAP.

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