Encompas Reviews
May 22, 2017

My car stopped working in the middle of the road. I called for the tow truck. First they told me it will take them 60-80 mins. After 40 mins I called to see how far are they. They told me tow truck is not coming anymore because he had a flat tire. (THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY USED "FLAT TIRE" EXCUSE). They told me they are trying to get a back and it will take another 60-80 mins. 

FIRSTLY, do they not have the responsibility to inform me that tow truck has a flat tire and will be delayed? WHICH WAS A LIE ANYWAYS.

I waited in the middle of the road and traffic for 4 hours. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE. IT IS USELSS. I am cancelling mine ASAP

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