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Nov 16, 2017
Over rated
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They are not very helpful, although they offer good rates you sacrifice customer service among other things. My prior bank was always there for me and even returned over draft fees they felt they changed incorrectly, they sent me information on everything I would need in the future. EECU has been terrible so far, I've had to go in to find out anything and I never wait less then an hour. I requested a money market account and the rep signed me up for a checking and savings. And when I requested my new account card be marked differently then my everyday account card she ignored me. So I had a mix up like I thought I would and was charged an over draft fee and when I requested it be waived as a first time mistake the rep stated "do you have another questions? If not were open until 9pm est. " so I just hung up, now I'm moving accounts.

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