DuPont Comm CU Reviews
Jun 14, 2016
Best credit union I've ever joined
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After my local bank credit card was compromised 4 times within 1 year, my local bank's branch manager suggested I carry cash for all my transactions - which of course defeats the value and convenience of using a bank. He additionally told me the bank woud not be responsible for any future identity thefts. So I promptly withdrew my funds and began searching for a bank or credit union that would consider my financial security - their responsibility. DCCU met my needs, and the 1 time my card was compromised they handled it promptly.  Can't speak for all DCCU branches, but the people at my local branch (Woodstock, VA) are friendly and competent. Both the drive-thru and the branch staff provide a very different experience from a local bank. My local bank treated me like an anonymous account number, but DCCU treats me like a valued member of our small community...almost like family. Even though they both provide the same exact services, the overall experience is just better at DCCU.  

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