DSRM Reviews
May 30, 2017
Bad company, bad business practices

I received my bank statement and found a charge of $35 to DSRM National Bank.  I have no idea what DSRM National Bank is so I had my bank stop payment. A few days later, I was given a phone number to call by my bank to further investigate this charge. When I called the number, an automated greeting asked me to enter my mailbox number on the system. No greeting or anything, just enter my mailbox number. At this point I fully thougt that this charge was fraudulent. I received a letter from Valero a week or so later stating that the payment had been stopped. Had I known it was Valero, I would have had no problem paying it. I thought that the problem was fixed until today when I got a bill from Valero for $87. I have not used my card in more than a month and should have a $0 balance as I pay it off each month if I have used the card.

I have paid the $35 owed but Valero says I have furthwer charges. I have, nor has anyone else, used my card since the last time I did. There is no at the pump fraudulent activity. The problem is with valero and the idiots working for them.

I am cutting up my card and will never use Valero again. They are not honest and have very questionable business practices. My advice is to stay away from Valero so that you do not have the problems I am encountering 

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