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Mar 20, 2017
Always charging interest!

Doesn't matter if you pay it off, I've done that twice and two months consecutively they send me bills for the interest...ON A 0 BALANCE! It's like they charge interest on the interest, which is shady. Don't bother with this card, they will scam you out of as much money as possible.

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Dec 23, 2016
Approve for the AMEX version!
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Pleasantly surprised I was approved for the AMEX version of the store card when I knew I was only in the mid 600's score, with a limit of $4000!  Long story: the sales associate applied for me at the register and she had to call in since it wasn't an instant approval. Not sure if they are hurting for sales since I wanted to purchase a Tag Heuer watch at $3600 so the phone agent approved it (and I told the phone agent I have a $0 balance Barclay Card with $10,000 limit so I can still buy it if I don't get the store card approved).  I also qualified for the Club Account sinc eit was a fine watch purchase so I can pay off in 12 months with no interest.  Combining with their bonus "Loyalist Points" event and first day purchase of $250 off on the bill, the watch is now almost 25% off (albeit $900 of it will be in a form of store giftcard).  After I got the card in the mail (took about 14 days) I signed up for paperless billing and automatic payment right away since I've read horror stories on other reviews about their payment problems.  They also offered a bonus points program if I spent $150 within the first 90's day at non-Bloomingdale's location, equivalent to $50 store giftcard.  I am trying to find out if this card would apply the extra payment to the 0% portion of the bill first so I would keep ending up paying interest on the non promotional purchases even if I pay extra into the monthly payment (but not the full balance).  Overall: the APR is high on this card but if you can take advantage of the Club Account for large purchase at 0% or is able to pay off right away while gaining bonus points during their special events, this is a good store credit card.

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