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Apr 24, 2017
Don't fall for this trap card!

I opened this card (after much pushing by Macy's employees) solely for a large discount on a $400 Christmas purchase in November 2016. I planned to divide the total balance by 3 and pay off the balance over a 3-month span, which I did. However, this card has a sneaky little feature called the "minimum interest fee", which will add $2 to your balance every month, whether you use the card or not. I found out in April that I had a $4 balance, which surprised me, seeing as I had not used the card. Citibank, who supplies Macy's with the card, must get a kick out of messing up people's credit scores. They apply this fee monthly, which if not paid on time, results in a late fee as well, which gets reported to the bureau and lowers your score. I take my credit seriously and refuse to carry a card that costs me money (even when advertised as 'no annual fee') when I don't use it. I called Macy's customer service, paid off the fee balance and cancelled the card. I highly suggest you avoid this card unless you plan on shopping at Macy's at least once a month.

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Apr 12, 2017
Approved $400 with 654 Experian!!
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Credt score: 654 Experian hard pull.
>Initial credit limit: $400

>Online application, instant approval.

>3 late payments student loan in 2014

>Credit utilization 38%

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