DRB Reviews
Jun 07, 2016
Most miserable student loan refi ever.

I have a credit score well over 700 and graduated with a job out of college paying $65,000. That said, the DRB team couldn't get their s*** together AND TOOK OVER SEVEN MONTHS TO REVIEW AND PROCESS MY REFINANCE.

Yes, over SEVEN MONTHS. I applied in November and called in multiple times every month, getting the same scripted response "the application is currently in review and we don't have an expected time of completion yet." It's currently JUNE and my funds were just disbursed.

And what was the offer? A whopping 6% refinance on a 10 year loan. FAR BELOW their advertised rates, considering I have high job stability and a credit score in the high 700's.

But it doesn't end there. The user interface of DRB's website is absolute garbage. Finding the monthly payment and detailed information on the loan is extremely difficult. This was hands down the single worst experience I have EVER had with a bank and I will look forward to refinancing with another bank next year.

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