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Apr 11, 2017
Im so disappointed!!

 I applied for personal loan from online. The next day They called me and asked several questions. They let me choose the plan between 3 or 4 years payment. Well...My credit score 770 with $51000 income. I have credit card with discover and always pay off with them never miss any late payment. The staff told me that I approved. He asked for my checking account number and told me that the money will transfer to your account within 24 hours. Okay then.. almost 2 weeks I didnt hear anything from them and I didnt get any money from what He told. To be honest!! I dont really need to be hurry to get money from personal loan that's the reason why I didnt call to follow up!!!!! Then I decided to call to see what happen after all. The answer I got was I did not approved!!! How come you did not even call and let me know!!!!! It's also hardly inqury on my credit score!!!! You dont even know How... I really concern about my credit score to keep it in good history!!! I have several loan company that approve my loan but I decided to refuse to see better option or better company!!! Is this what I got??????????? No professional!! You need to give me more information about how it will effect to my credit history, and I asked!!! The guy told me that he did not a credit score company so I wont be able to give answer. Omg.. I will cancel my credit card from discover asap. The mornitor was recorded all conversation!!! Go check it out!!!!! 

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