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Sep 20, 2017

A waste of time and a lot of work.  First, they do a soft pull on all three credit bureaus to see if they can approve you.  After doing so they ran a hard inquiry and gave me my rate and terms on a $35,000 loan.  Next, they wanted a color e-mail copy of my driver licesnse and social security card.  I'm 65 years old with excellent credit and never used my social security card in 50 years and do not have it but they insisted on it.  So, I went to the Social Secuirty Office as I could not get it online, waited two and a half hours to apply and a week later got my card.  Next, I sent them the color e-mail copy.  Now they had my paystubs which show strong income and they had my bank statement also.  Next, they called me to say my loan was approved.  So a waited four days and did'nt receive my loan!  Next, I called them and they said the loan was not approved without any reason. They said I'll get a form letter in the mail.  Steer clear of these people - they are a waste of time!

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