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Jan 17, 2017
They need to stck to credit cards!
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Application process... Tried to sign up for joint checking and savings. During process, found that you cannot get checking and savings account at same time despite the signup page saying you can. Ok, went with the flow, and created joint savings. Went back around and tried to create joint checking account. It said due to technical issues, you can't create a joint checking account and you have to call to accomplish that. OK, sounds OK. Well, not so much. Called after creating checking account and was told that I have to send paperwork in. They know there's a problem, but can't fix it. That, and spelling / grammar errors on three of the signup pages - which I reported.

Deposit availability... Ok, got through the signup process. Made inital deposit - $1000. A week goes by, and still no deposit, though the bank account shows that the ACH hit took the same day as I initiated the transfer. Called customer service. Again, they say they did an upgrade, and are having problems. Literally took a week for the deposit to make it.

Transfers between accounts: After deposit finally showed, figured I'd move some of the inital deposit to Checking from Savings. Nope. No luck. In the accounts dropdown, the only option is "external account" yup, I can pull another week-long wait for money from my other bank account. Cannot xfer from savings to checking. Customer service doesn't know why. Said they had to refer to tech support. We're several days into this, and it's still not fixed. Compared to Discover card online site and Discover card customer service, this is a complete joke.

Will likely just tell them to cut check, and close account. Who knows how long that will take.....

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