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Dec 07, 2016
Declining performance.
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Been there since 1998 when it was Delta Employees CU. I used to brag to others how great it was. Now, it is no different than the big banks like Capital One etc. If you email them about any issues with their website they give a generic response at best. Like most big business they fail to take any corporate responsibility. They cannot be wrong or at least treat your comments as important and reply with dignity. Even with all the loans I have had with top credit ratings they do not give good loan rates. My son at 19 years using me as a cosigner and financing with Southwest CU got his first loan ever with a 2 percent lower rate than I could with DCCU. I am in the process of changing all my loans and financing to Workers CU. Hopefully within the month I can wash my hands of DCCU of any obligation to them. The quality decline over the years with the increase of fees like a typical big bank makes them no longer a viable option to me.

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