Dairyland Insurance Reviews
Jun 28, 2017

A service brake down is when a service or product does not meet the customers expectations. I can express my experience as a customer which was with My fathers insurance. Due to the recent accidents I have been involved in one was with his insurance. When it came to the point to make the claim his insurance adjuster was so rude and inconsiderate. She did not take the time to take my statement recorded and accented liability for the person at fault and who got the citation. She did express to my father that she couldn't speak to him since he didn't speak English well. I understand he has a strong accent but the way her tone and oral words where expressed was beyond rude. She always expressed she was busy when my lawyers tried to contact her. We had to step up to her manager and she had a kinder tone but she as well was not interested to help us.  She caused us to cancel the insurance and lose our service. I did rate them one star if it was possible I would rate them 0. This was so unfair. 

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