CURE Auto Insurance Reviews
Nov 15, 2017
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I just want to start out by saying Credit Karma shouldn't put their two cents in. I've had cure for a few years the one good thing that no other insurance company does but cure they only go by your driving record. They don't go by your credit they don't go by your schooling they don't go by what kind of job you have. Other insurance companies if you don't have good credit a great job and great schooling they consider you a risk in other words they consider you a low life. I've had two claims with Cure Auto neither one was my fault they took care of it and it really good timely manner. The one time the car was totaled and they took care of it in less than 9 days. The customer service is really good the caseworker that handled my claims she was wonderful. The only reason I didn't give them five stars is because of the high fees they charge to make payments. But if you get it out in the mail in time you avoid all the fees. So Credit Karma should look into all of that before saying that the insurance company is no good. If there's a company that isn't as great as it claims to be it would be Credit Karma just saying.

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