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Jul 07, 2017
Impossible to deal with
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Do you like not being able to pay your bills? Statements that never come? Having no idea what your account balance is? Representatives who won't give you account numbers or grant access to your own account? Sketchy business practices?

If so, then this is the bank for you!

I used RateGenius on here to refinance my car loan and this is who they set me up with. I got an approval letter with a significantly higher new loan amount that didn't make sense, a routing number and a payment amount. I said to myself I'd check it over when the statement arrived. But it never did. They keep telling me to wait. I refinanced 3 months ago. I send checks to their main address and they get cashed. I have no way of knowing if the funds are even being applied to my account. I don't know if the original loan balance is correct. They can't give me any information over the phone. They promise to email it and the emails never arrive. The statements never arrive. I ask for an account number, to set up an account online, a loan number. They refuse to give me any of the information. I'm beginning to wonder if my account is even current. Of course, they can't tell me that over the phone either. The representative even pretended to hear "background noise" and said because of the noise she thought other people were listening in and couldn't give me information.

There will be a huge class action lawsuit against this place. Run, run, run, as fast as you can. I'd beg and grovel for my old bank to take my loan back, even at the 2x high interest I was paying.

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